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Performed by the Montage Music Society

Ever since I was a young boy, I have been inspired by paintings. Certain paintings, for some reason I don't understand, cause me to hear music in my mind. As I look at paintings, I listen to them. The three recent compositions on this recording have all come from this source of inspiration.- Bruce Wolosoff

"The Loom" - watercolors by Eric Fischl

The Loom- Part 1.jpg
00:00 / 03:31
The Loom- Part 2.jpg
00:00 / 04:52
The Loom- Part 3.jpg
00:00 / 04:51
The Loom- Part 4.jpg
00:00 / 08:06

"The Woods" (for April Gornik)  
Charcoal drawing on paper, April Gornik

00:00 / 06:19

"The Astronomer's Key- paintings by Milton Resnick

Part One- The Astronomer's Key
Astronomer's Key, image.jpg
00:00 / 07:52

The Astronomer's Key Part Two: Roswell #8

Roswell #8.jpg
00:00 / 09:43

The Astronomer's Key Part 3: New Bride

New Bride.jpg
00:00 / 06:26

Composer: Bruce Wolosoff

Publisher: Bruce Wolosoff Music

Album: “More Music Inspired by Visual Art: Music of Bruce Wolosoff”

Performed by the Montage Music Society

Executive Producer: Debra Ayers

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