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A Billboard Classical Top Ten Album
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"It’s exceedingly rare to encounter a major new work by a living composer which, without widespread exposure over an extended period of time, can be declared an instant masterpiece, but in my opinion, American composer Bruce Wolosoff (b. New York City, 1955) has pulled off that coup.  


There will be those critics, no doubt, who will tsk-tsk Wolosoff for writing a work that is filled with real melody, rhythmic drive, urgent drama, and sweeping orchestral vistas. In other words, Wolosoff has composed a concerto in the true Romantic tradition, and it’s of such compelling beauty that it doesn’t take more than one listening to fall in love with it.


If I’m guilty of hyperbole, so be it, but I honestly believe that in the history of great cello concertos—and really, how many of those are there?—Wolosoff’s joins them as one of the truly great ones.


Urgently recommended.”  Jerry Dubins, FANFARE

BRUCE WOLOSOFF is a pianist and composer of solo, chamber, and orchestral music. Lauded as “an authentic American voice” for his integration of classical, jazz, blues, and contemporary influences, Wolosoff often composes in response to visual art and through collaborations with leading artists across a variety of disciplines.


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