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Photo by Margaret Garrett

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TITLE: Memento

COMPOSER: Bruce Wolosoff

ARTISTS: Bruce Wolosoff, piano

RELEASE DATE: 3rd March 2023

Pianist-composer Bruce Wolosoff is a musical alchemist, organically mixing his multiple experiences in the worlds of jazz, rock, blues and classical music. His new solo album, Memento, melds the evolution of Wolosoff’s performance and compositional style into a genre that is all his own and true to himself. Wolosoff is a “formidable pianist” (Gramophone) who can tackle the great romantics like Busoni and Liszt. He can improvise like Bach and Beethoven as well as today’s jazz greats. His contemporary compositions are informed by his past whilst imbued with his current belief in “the primacy of lyricism and melody.”

Memento takes the listener on a journey imbued by various genres. Throughout, Wolosoff opens his heart. His inner voice is his guide, and all his own.



1. Siempre 4.49
2. Morning Song 4.21
3. Improvisation on a Ground by Henry Purcell 2.45
4. After the Rain 3.28
5. Memento 4.51
6. Letter to a Friend 2.33
7. City Lights 2.15
8. The Lotus Eaters 3.48
9. Dido’s Blues 4.34

Night Paintings
10. I. I’ve Got It All Up Here (after a painting by David Salle) 5.04
11. II. Evening on Karl Johan Street (after a painting by Edvard Munch) 2.38
12. III. La Nuit étoilée sur le Rhône (after a painting by Vincent van Gogh) 4.45
13. IV. Nocturnal (after a painting by Margaret Garrett) 4.37

Total duration: 50.33

Recorded: 21 March & 7 May 2022, Oktaven Audio, Mount Vernon, New York
Producer, Recording Engineer, Mixing & Mastering and Editing: Ryan Streber
Piano Technician: Dan Jessie
Publisher: Bruce Wolosoff Music (ASCAP)

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